V Fib CPR Instruction
 V Fib CPR Instruction provides CPR Training in the greater New Orleans area under the American Heart Association's 2015 Guidelines for CPR and ECC.

Call: 504-298-6183

View the latest Guidelines here

Vfib CPR uses a hands on approach using video and practical based skill set instruction. The "CPR made fun" style of instruction makes the class exciting and provides the student with needed stimulation gaining higher than average testing scores.

You may never go anywhere else ever again for your CPR renewals. The classes are informative, fun, and puts in your hands the ability to absorb the skill sets with ease.

Classes are taught in the New Orleans Metro area.

Courses offered:

  • AHA BLS Provider CPR/AED Classroom Course

  • AHA BLS Provider CPR/AED Blended Learning (on line class with a skills check off) 

  • BLS Provider CPR/AED Skills Sessions ($20.00)*

                        *Prerequisite of completed Heartcode BLS on line course required

See more details below:

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  • AHA HeartCode® BLS License Keys available

  • AHA Friends and Family (Hands Only Adult CPR)

  • AHA Heartsaver® CPR/AED for the Adult, Child and Infant

  • AHA Heartsaver® CPR/AED for the Adult only

  • AHA Heartsaver® First Aid CPR/ AED

  • AHA BLS Instructor

Learn to teach CPR for the American Heart Association - call (504) 301-7474 for details

  • AHA Bloodborne Pathogens Class

  • Basic First Aid Classes

Vfib CPR Instruction
New Orleans, La.
Phone: (504)298-6183
Email: info@VfibCPR.com

Important information on new BLS Provider Card

The BLS for Healthcare Provider Classroom Course offered by the AHA has been discontinued. The Blended Course is still offered with skills session. The BLS-HCP has been replaced by the BLS Provider Course and as such the CPR cards look different. Gone are the words "Healthcare Provider" replaced with "BLS Provider". (see images below)

Beginning April 16, 2016, only the new BLS Course will be taught and only the
new BLS Provider eCards and printed course completion cards will be issued.

Below is the old card followed by the new card, BLS Provider.

7/1/2017: Heartsaver Blended Courses now available ! Call for details.